EUROCLUB is a night club for delegations, media and contest fans. It is a space for informal meetings, the place to rest before rehearsals and shows. Here you can meet Eurovision participants and fans meet and chat.

EUROCLUB is also the location-holder of Eurovision official events: Opening Ceremony, semi-finals and final after parties, official delegations parties, artists’ performances. At the same time EUROCLUB will be a place where lots of events, Ukrainian and foreign artists’ performances take place.

The main goal of EUROCLUB is to be a location that let everyone who relates to the Song Contest can rest, refresh them, chat with old and meet new friends all over the world!

Thematic parties:
Every day EUROCLUB will provide guests with special thematic parties to present national features of Ukraine and other countries.

EURO Fun Café:
EURO Fun Café - Day Program is created to enhance the communication between participants and guests. It means fan-meetings with Contest participants, chats with foreign delegations, contests and national day events.

EUROCLUB Evening Program:
Evening Program is based on the aim to create positive emotions and great rest to EUROCLUB guests. Daily parties with local and foreign celebrities will match to the highest expectations. There’ll be also performances by the participants that don’t get to the Contest Final.

Main schedule:

Euro Fan Café:

  • Live broadcast Eurovision
  • Artists performances
  • Meeting artists with fans
  • Interviews with artists
  • Watching movies
  • Inflammatory dance shows
  • Meeting with famous speakers of Eurovision Song
  • Contest
  • Tasty lunches and dinners
  • Music by the best DJ's OGAE
  • At night in the Euro Fan Café - KARAOKE


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01 - 14 may  Euro Fan Caf  11:00 - 20:00

01 - 14 may  EuroClub  20:00 - 04:00


kyiv, parkova road, 16a

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+38 098 258 85 58

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